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Welcome to the Manor Park Civic!

The Manor Park Civic Association has been serving the community since 1983. The Association was formed over concerns that the Town of Brookhaven intended to expand the operations at Brookhaven Muncipal Airport and was already in the process of seeking to condemn homes in Manor Park for expansion of the airport. Ultimately, the Town was successful in taking only three homes to provide a buffer zone for the Airport. These buffer zones have been a source of concern for the residents of the area who must be constantly aware of activity at the Airport in order to ensure that the peaceful and small nature of the Airport is not destroyed by inappropriate development.

Oddly enough, this has been a recurring battle for the residents of Manor Park for the almost 25 years, as the Town seeks to ever increase its revenues from activity at the Airport at the expense of the quality of life of nearby residents.

Additionally, the Manor Park Civic Association is a strong and steadfast proponent of preserving the entire Mastic Woods. The 254 acre Mastic Woods surrounds Manor Park and has been the target of relentless development pressure and abandonment by elected officials for many years.

The Mastic Woods is home to the headwaters of the embattled Forge River and the residents of Manor Park were among the first to call for its preservation and restoration. President MaryAnn Johnston even filed a successful Article 78 to stop the Town from permitting a massive PRC to be built with a Sewage Treatment Plant at the headwaters of the Forge River, or as the Town proposed cesspool systems for the project located at none other than the Town owned Calabro Airport.

The Mastic Woods is second on the critical preservation list of the Long Island's Last Stand group and is now the subject of a Planning Steps Resolution by Suffolk County Legislator Kate Browning. The efforts of the Manor Park Civic Association were critical to convincing the developer to sell the Mastic Woods for open space preservation.

Manor Park continues to be an advocate for our residents and aims to preserve and enhance their quality of life now and for the future.

Written by Webmaster   
Monday, March 30, 2015


Wednesday, April 8 at 7:30 p.m.

Dowling College, Rm. 201B

(Entrance on William Floyd Pkwy.)



Airport Sewer Treatment Plant


This meeting is open to residents of this community only

As you may know, construction of a sewer treatment plant (STP) has been proposed for the Airport located in our community.  The STP would serve the Montauk Highway business corridor and part of the residential area near the Forge River.  There are no plans to extend the proposed sewer district to this community.

The STP and leaching fields would be constructed on over 25 acres of land on the Sunrise Service Road.  Two large wooded parcels on either side of the Mastic Fire Department substation are to be cleared for the project.  Homes are located directly across the street from the STP along Maple Avenue, on the west side of the Airport. 

The STP will discharge 1.5 million gallons of treated fluids into the ground each day.  There are plans to extend the sewer district further south on the Mastic peninsula.  There is even a proposal to pipe sewage from Center Moriches to the Airport STP when sewers are installed there.

The proposal to build at the Airport has not changed since Ed Hennessy’s old Montauk Highway sewer plan was revived.  The Airport was the only site seriously considered.  In fact, three separate locations in the Manor Park area were studied although we have never been included in the plan. 

The STP offers no benefit to this area.  The proposed location on one of our busiest roads will have a negative impact on the entire community.  It will result in the loss of property values, especially for our neighbors close to the site. 

We invite you to join us to discuss this proposal and its effect on our area.  Unlike those pushing this plan, we welcome your feedback and involvement in developing a response from the entire community.  All voices will be heard and all options are open for consideration. 

Please share this information with your neighbors.

Reminder – MMS Library Annual Budget Vote – April 7, 2015. 

Reminder - DUES FOR 2015 are still $20 per household.  Please help us continue to protect your community.  Pay dues at the meeting or mail to MPCA, P.O. Box 504, Moriches, NY 11955. 


Sewer Treatment Plant (3)
Written by Webmaster   
Thursday, March 19, 2015

The following letter was sent to the Advance in response to Leg. Browning's latest editorial.

Legislator Kate Browning ironically complains the Tri-Hamlet area has been “neglected and ignored” at the same time she pushes a second rate sewer treatment plant.  Ms. Browning now acknowledges the STP is not state of the art as previously claimed. 

The STP is designed to reduce nitrogen to 3-5 ppm, well above the range necessary to return our waters to sustainability.  The Town of Brookhaven wisely adopted a stricter nitrogen removal standard in the Carmans River watershed, which is far healthier than our impaired Forge River.  Why should this area settle for anything less?

Let’s be clear – Ms. Browning has never engaged in direct outreach with the Manor Park community regarding her plan.  It wasn’t until these letters began appearing in the Advance that her office forwarded the STP site plan to one of our members.  Homes directly across the street from the STP are conveniently air-brushed out of the site plan.

Despite hundreds of cleared acres of land at the Airport, this plan calls for the removal of 25 acres of the wooded buffer zone on a residential street and along one of the area’s busiest roads.  Those neighboring homeowners will not be in the sewer district and will get no benefit from the STP.  In fact their homes will lose value, but that’s of no concern to Ms. Browning.

As for advocating construction of an STP in someone else’s community, our Legislator has been doing exactly that for years.  Although given multiple opportunities, Ms. Browning again has failed to provide one example of an STP built outside a sewer district.  It’s no wonder this community continues to feel “neglected and ignored.”

Raymond Keenan

President, Manor Park Civic Association 




Sewer Treatment Plan
Written by Webmaster   
Wednesday, March 04, 2015


In Legislator Kate Browning’s defense of her unprecedented push to construct a sewer treatment plant (STP) outside the proposed sewer district, several relevant facts have been omitted:  

The proposal to build at the Airport has not changed since the original Montauk Highway sewer plan was revived seven years ago.  The Airport was the only site considered and, in fact, three separate locations in the Manor Park area were studied although this community has never been included in the plan.  For Ms. Browning to say now that “nothing is set in stone” is disingenuous, at best.

The FAA wisely rejected proposals to place an STP at the Airport for the Beechwood property and for the original Montauk Highway plan.  However, the FAA has no role in the State’s revisionary interest in airport land – it’s not a federal issue and not aviation-related.  Ms. Browning now admits that the County is required to pay for the proposed Airport site in any event, as it would for any other parcel.

Ms. Browning is well aware of our long time opposition to the Airport site, which has been made public in the Advance, at meetings and elsewhere.  Apparently, there has been no need for public outreach since we are not voters within the proposed sewer district.  STP site plans/renderings have not been shared with the host community.

Newer technologies offer a dramatically more cost-effective solution to our pressing water quality issues.  Unfortunately, Ms. Browning’s feasibility study was conducted by a company with a vested interest in the construction of sewers, making the outcome a foregone conclusion.  Alternative treatment systems with lower monthly maintenance costs were never seriously considered.

There is nothing about this proposal that is “state of the art.”  It is a second-hand plan that relies on expensive and outdated technology.  We can and should be at the forefront in addressing the impairment of the Forge River and our bays, not 20 years behind the curve.  

Raymond Keenan

President, Manor Park Civic Association 





Sewer Treatment Plant
Written by Webmaster   
Friday, February 20, 2015


The absence of community members should have been a tipoff to Senator Schumer.  (“Schumer: urges FAA approve airport land transfer to jumpstart sewer project”, February 12, 2015).  Nobody from the area was invited or even received notice of the politicians’ photo op pushing for construction of a sewage treatment plant (STP) at Brookhaven Airport.  So nobody told Schumer the surrounding community is adamantly opposed to this plan.

Why take seriously objections from folks receiving the benefits of a sewer district?  There’s the rub.  The STP site falls well outside the proposed sewer district and the closest homes – both north and south of Sunrise Highway – get to live with the STP but get no benefit from the sewer district. 

The low-lying parts of Mastic Beach and residential areas near the Forge River are most in need of sewage treatment.  Despite the availability of ample Town land close to these areas, the plan is to construct over six miles of pipeline to pump the sewage north of Sunrise Highway.  In terms the Senator can understand, that’s like piping sewage from Queens to your neighborhood in Brooklyn.

Our most immediate need is reducing residential pollution of our groundwater and waterways as quickly and cheaply as possible.  From the beginning, this plan was designed as a gift to large commercial land owners and developers along Montauk Highway.  Forge River areas were added as an afterthought to obtain funding. 

Sewers can be used to reduce pollutants that degrade our groundwater and waterways.  One drawback is the high cost – both in construction fees and annual operating expenses.  However, as Brookhaven Town’s recent approval of alternative treatment systems in the Carmans River shows, there are effective, economical on-site alternatives available. 

While the Senator is urging FAA approval of the land swap between the Town and County, there is no mention of New York State’s reversionary interest in the airport property.  When the State gave the land to the Town in 1961, it was to be used only as a landing strip for small airplanes or for “other public town purposes,” not for an STP. 

The Town cannot simply donate this property at will.  Ownership of the airport land reverts to the State if the Town does not utilize the site as intended.  Also, the FAA has twice rejected plans for an STP at the airport.

While there are better alternatives available, it is clear any STP should be located within the community to be sewered and centrally located on the peninsula to facilitate future expansion to the densely populated residential areas closest to the water. 

Raymond Keenan

President, Manor Park Civic Association 



January 14, 2015 Meeting
Written by Webmaster   
Thursday, January 08, 2015


Wednesday, January 14 at 7:30 p.m.

Dowling College, Rm. 201B

(Entrance on William Floyd Pkwy.)



Moriches-Middle Island Road developments;

7th Precinct presentation;

MMS Community Library rebuilding


Please join us at our Winter meeting for the latest developments and discussion of several issues of concern, including:


In addition to the proposed solar farm, there is a new plan to develop the industrial site on the corner of Moriches-Middle Island road and North Street.  The plan is to construct a garage with office space for Payless Cesspools.  No change of zone is required, but setback variances will be required.  The developer will present his plan and be available for questions.   


An officer from the 7th Precincts community outreach program is scheduled to give a presentation concerning policing and crime in our area.  For those who cannot attend the monthly precinct meetings, this is your opportunity to find out what is going on in our community.


As many of you know, the Library on William Floyd Parkway is in need of expansion and/or refurbishment.  The Library Board has scheduled 3 public meetings to receive community feedback regarding possible relocation and construction.  A member of the library administrative staff will attend our meeting to discuss what occurred at the first meeting and provide an overview of the issues. 


Reminder - DUES FOR 2015 are still $20 per household.  Please help us continue to protect your community.  Pay dues at the meeting or mail to MPCA, P.O. Box 504, Moriches, NY 11955. 


July 9, 2014 Meeting Notice
Written by Webmaster   
Friday, July 04, 2014


Wednesday, July 9, 2014 at 7:30 p.m.

Dowling College, Rm. 201B

(Entrance on William Floyd Pkwy.)

UPDATES: Solar Farm Proposal; Airport (Mis)Management;

LIRR Cleanup – East Yaphank; Airport Tree Clearing

Please join us at our Summer meeting for the latest developments and discussion of several issues of concern, including:

The owners of a 100 acre parcel fronting on Moriches-Middle Island Road have proposed constructing a solar farm on the wooded property.  Town Supervisor Ed Romaine introduced a resolution prohibiting tree clearings for the purposes of building a solar farm.  Both proposals were on the agenda for the Town Board’s June 25th meeting.  A special thanks to our neighbors in the Cranford Boulevard area and others who have been vocal in expressing their concerns regarding this solar farm proposal. 

Unfortunately, the shuffling of management at the Town Airport early this year has not been a change for the better.  In addition to continuing problems with a few pilots who ignore the safety of local residents by flying low over our homes, the operators of the skydiving operation have been given free rein at the Town facility.  We have heard reports of unacceptable behavior by skydive employees and/or patrons, including beer parties on the tarmac and a topless female motorcycle rider.  By the way, the chair of the Airport Advisory Committee, Councilperson Panico, hasn’t held a meeting in two years. 


The LIRR illegally dumped contaminated materials, including lead, asbestos and known carcinogens, alongside the tracks in an area just off River Road near the Carmans River in East Yaphank.  The DEC has now approved the MTA’s proposed solution to cap the multi-acre site with concrete instead of removing the contaminated materials.  We opposed that short-sighted solution, along with Supervisor Ed Romaine.

Dan Panico’s tree clearing plan at the Airport includes removal of all trees in certain residential areas and construction of a ring-road around the perimeter of the entire airport requiring the removal of forty additional acres of trees.  The plan is undergoing required environmental study, a step the Town omitted when Panico pushed this plan in 2010 and 2011.  We have a better idea – save the taxpayers money and kill this unnecessary threat to our homes.

Reminder - DUES FOR 2014 are still $20 per household.  Please help us continue to protect your community.  Pay dues at the meeting or mail to MPCA, P.O. Box 504, Moriches, NY 11955. 


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